Board Chair Visits Teachers in Their Classrooms

The Chair of our Board of Directors, Mr. Al Villarreal of IBC Bank, stopped by GRMS with his associate Ms. Karen Peña to check-in with teachers in person to thank them for their incredible service this school year. GRMS has both a Board of Directors made up of dedicated and thoughtful community members as well as a Board of Trustees with representatives from each of our sponsoring congregations. Thank you teachers! 🙌 #teamwork

8th-Graders prepare for graduation

It’s about that time. Our eighth graders are preparing for graduation 🎓 after a very special 3-year journey at Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS). Next week, Bishop Emeritus Peña will preside over a Mass and ceremony that will launch students into the next phase of their road to college, reminding them that along with hard-work, they must put their trust in God 🙏. We want to thank Mrs. Starr Putegnat (not pictured), former GRMS teacher, for the years of volunteerism. She has been fitting students and lending graduation gowns and hats for years. #collegeandheaven

GRMS tradition

Some traditions are important, as they instill a sense of time and place and help people feel a sense of belonging. GRMS is only 16 years old, going on 17, and we are still establishing our roots and building tradition. In the coming days, as we near the end of the school year 🎓, our students will be taking part in a graduation retreat, yearbook signing party, and upon promotion, our graduating 8th graders will receive a special medallion for the founder of the House they’ve been part of for 3 years. A valedictorian and salutatorian will be recognized and will address their class and families. Additionally, the 3 students who faculty feel best embody the charisms of our Sponsoring Con

GRMS continues to be one of the higher performing schools regarding post-secondary success

The annual NativityMiguel Coalition report card on Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) is out for the school year. GRMS continues to be one of the higher performing schools in the Coalition regarding post-secondary success. The NativityMiguel Coalition is composed of schools that are aligned in terms of mission, governance, core beliefs and outcomes as detailed in the Coalition’s Membership Identity framework. The 46 member schools (see below) are located in 16 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian Provinces. Our schools educate nearly 3,500 students and support over 6,000 graduates. Member schools are located in five regions. NativityMiguel schools work to break the cycle o

3 of the newest BECHS inductees into the National Honor Society

We are excited for all of our graduates in high school who were inducted into the National Honor Society at their schools. Pictured here are 3 of the newest BECHS inductees: Erick Diaz '16, Miguel Fernandez '15, and Diego Fonseca '16. Way to go! #collegeandheaven

Your shopping can matter in more ways than one.

Just today, we received a $12 deposit because someone used our link: Everyone knows that every dollar counts at a non-profit organization. We at GRMS know what a beautiful sacrifice every donation is for a family, and we so appreciate it. For those who love supporting our mission, your normal online shopping can help GRMS without costing you anything extra. Your shopping can matter in more ways than one. Shop for Father's Day at and Amazon donates to Guadalupe Regional Middle School.

Parent goes above and beyond

Our GRMS parents/guardians complete 20 hours of service to the school each year, helping with everything from office work to events. For the past few years, one parent has stood apart from the rest, completing over 150 of service hours each school year. We thank you Mr. Vereb for your dedication. #teamwork

Parents Honored

At GRMS, we believe parents are a child’s first teachers. Tonight, we celebrate the commitment of our parents who have completed 20 or more service hours this year to our school. #teamwork

Frog Dissections

GRMS students learned about the internal structures of animals by opening up frogs in science class. Dissections are a memorable, hands-on way to teach students about the complexity of organisms. #collegeandheaven

2nd Annual Technology Student Film Festival

Technology touches all subjects and is essential in the workforce. Technology students at GRMS held their 2nd annual film festival to showcase short films they made portraying the literature they read in their Language Arts class. Here are some of the “coming soon” posters they made leading up to the event. #collegeandheaven


We unveiled our newest edition to the campus today. Special thanks to the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Ms. Bianca.m, and participating students.

2 teachers receive Rotary Teaching Excellence awards

Congratulations to two of our GRMS teachers, Br. Arthur Williams, CFC and Ms. Kelly Griffith who both won the Rotary Teaching Excellence award. They were each 1 of 5 Brownsville educators honored this afternoon. Thank you for all the work and energy you have dedicated to the students of Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS). Read more about it in our upcoming e-news (sign up for our e- knees at

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