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This #GivingTuesday when you donate to Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) you give a student or graduate permission to dream!

Make your gift matter. One visit to our campus and you can see that Guadalupe stretches every dollar. This year, we need your support more than ever, so every dollar counts!

Last year, the average #GivingTuesday gift across the country was $105. Choose an amount off the board below or choose a custom amount.



Monthly gifts allow you to give more without it hurting more. Looking for a way to give more without the initial sting? Sign up to give monthly. Setting up a monthly gift towards our mission is an easy way to show you care by giving a smaller amount monthly that you'll barely notice. It will feel small but add up big!


"I love this school because they put a lot of effort into the students. They help you with your personal life and your school life because they care so much."

"It feels like a family. We are so close together that we care about each other and help each other. We are there for one another at this school." -6TH GRADER

Help Us Clear the Online Board 

Or Visit a Board  in Person

[Please allow up to 15 minutes after your donation for the board to update.]




We have two goals for our students and graduates: COLLEGE & HEAVEN. What does that mean?

Most students come to GRMS performing under grade level. Data shows that GRMS catches them up by 8th grade. Many test well above grade level by 8th grade graduation. 

GRMS makes an 11-year commitment to students. That means we're here for them beyond the middle school years to offer support to and through college. We want students to have a college-going identity. 

GRMS graduates complete high school on time at 100%. It's an important statistic for us at GRMS. Compare that to the national average for Latino students.

90%+ matriculate to college. This number fluctuates up but has never dipped below 90%. What we know is that every year of college can raise a student's earning potential. That's a big deal for first generation college students. 

Students who earn degrees can double, triple, or even quadruple their household income overnight. This is what we have heard from our graduates. Earning a degree is life- changing and starting their careers can mean a significant jump in income and lifestyle. 

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