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News Release: GRMS Receives $250,000 gift from The Hernandez Foundation

A blessing ceremony was hosted by Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) which welcomed Mike Hernandez from The Hernandez Foundation. This event included the announcement of a $250,000 gift from Mike Hernandez, a Brownsville native, to the school’s Endowment Fund. This annual event, designed to bless and honor the school’s Leadership Circle donors who have contributed to the success and future of their students, was also the launch of a new campaign to grow the Endowment Fund to secure the future of the school for years to come.

“For 15 years, GRMS has provided specialized academics, social support for students, and support for graduates transitioning into college,said Michael Motyl, GRMS President. “Despite our success, because of our tuition-free model, we have lived year-to-year. This gift from Mr. Hernandez will allow us to grow our Endowment to ensure that the school remains even in difficult economic times so that we can continue our goals of college and Heaven for our students for generations to come.”

The Endowment Fund was previously made possible through the generous donations of many others and most recently by businessman and philanthropist Mike Hernandez. Hernandez’s gift will significantly grow Guadalupe Regional Middle School’s Endowment, creating opportunities for current and future students to transform their lives through higher education.

This donation by The Hernandez Foundation will be gifted again for the 2017-2018 academic school year as a matching grant for the school; this will give Guadalupe Regional Middle School the ability to double that gift with matched, tax-deductible contributions from any community supporters.

“Our greatest need is annual scholarship funding,” said Motyl. “However, we are asking community members to consider making an addition gift to our Endowment for this special moment in our school’s history. Donations can be made at the school or through our website This matching grant will extend your impact not just financially, but also in the way Brownsville kids are served to and through college.”

Originally from Brownsville, Hernandez now resides in Colleyville, Texas, and is president of the Dallas/Fort Worth-based company D&M Auto Leasing. He is dedicated to improving the Brownsville community, in large part by focusing on the education of Cameron County students. He hopes Guadalupe Regional Middle School carves a path for students to play a role in a better future for Brownsville.

“I experienced firsthand a high-quality education and want to share that tremendous experience with young people from my hometown by supporting students and their transition into higher education,” said Hernandez. “The Endowment Fund will allow students from this area to receive the best education possible and encourage them to return to their hometown to share their talents.”

Guadalupe Regional Middle School:

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Guadalupe Regional Middle School provides a tuition-free, quality Catholic education to boys and girls in grades six, seven, and eight whose families desire but cannot afford a Catholic education. This academically challenging school teaches its students how to live the gospel values of love, justice, self-discipline and respect for others with the goal that they become the future leaders of the Brownsville civic and church communities.

Guadalupe Regional Middle School has two goals for its students: college and Heaven. Through its signature Graduate Support Program, the school makes an 11-year commitment to students to get them to and through college.

For additional information and for photographs of the event, please contact Michael Motyl at or (956) 504-5568.


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