Annual Report Card: 9 Points to Understanding Our Impact

The Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) annual school-wide Report Card is about to hit mailboxes. Our stakeholders are

Creating Opportunities, Transforming Lives.

Here is what you need to know to interpret the data:

  1. 100% of the GRMS Class of 2013 graduated high school on time this year. That is well above the national average for Latinos.

  2. 100% of GRMS Class of 2013 was accepted into college.

  3. Our signature Graduate Support Program (GSP) helps place promoted 8th graders into best-fit high schools. Then, tracks them to provide support to and through college.

  4. There is only 1 Catholic high school in Brownsville. GRMS has 5 rising freshmen who will attend this fall.

  5. 1 annual Iona College scholarship is awarded to a GRMS grad who attends Saint Joseph Academy and is accepted to the university on merit.

  6. The model of GRMS caps enrollment at 90 to provide specialized, transformational scholarship experiences to students of low-income families.

  7. Following the NativityMiguel model of schools, GRMS provides an extended day and school year, plus an optional evening study hall that keeps students in school a minimum of 250 hours longer than their public school peers.

  8. Most GRMS students enroll in GRMS performing under grade level. By the time they are promoted to high school, most students are performing well above grade level and the national average.

  9. A gift to GRMS allows us to make an 11-year commitment to our students, providing support beyond the middle school years to and through college.

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