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Teachers & GRMS's Root Beliefs

Teachers are back at Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) today discussing root beliefs, truths

that shape our worldview and the way we work and operate at the school. As a NativityMiguel Coalition school, serving students who live at or below the poverty line, it is imperative that our faculty and staff identify with shared foundational content.

GRMS is, above all else, Christ and mission driven. We work to close the opportunity and achievement gaps for students. How will we get there? What is at the root of what we believe about our school? Here is what teachers had to say:

+ GRMS is an instrument of God (Christ-centered), teaching the whole child.

+ GRMS commits to students long-term, providing support beyond the middle school years.

+ GRMS helps to empower families and create transformative opportunities.

Br. Arthur participating in the discussion by sharing his ideas about our root beliefs

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