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3 Honored at Annual Blessing

This past Thursday evening, Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) honored the contributions of three wonderful women during the Tilma Leadership Circle's annual Blessing.

Olga Borrego, Evangeline Henggler, and Joan McNeil were all long-time supporters of the mission of GRMS through the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe, with Mrs. Borrego supporting as long as 11 years and Mrs. McNeil having served on the Board of Directors.

For years, the Tilma Leadership Circle including the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe has been instrumental in the growth of GRMS, creating scholarships for students. It is made up of both businesses and individuals, and along with our Sponsor a Student Program, has had a significant impact on the school.

It is a GRMS tradition that Tilma Leadership Circle donors have a bench dedicated in their memory if they pass away during their time in the Circle.


The Blessing was followed by tours of the school given by graduates of GRMS. Dinner was held in the cafeteria, which was transformed for the event.

A special thank you to Father Kevin Collins for blessing these benches, the families of the three women, our supporters, and our school.

[Photos by Brother Arthur Williams, CFC]

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