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GRMS Students Blow Out Penny Wars for #GivingTuesday

Watch the video : 

The GRMS Student Council sponsored a Penny Wars competition in the two weeks leading up to #GivingTuesday to support campaign efforts with fun, friendly competition. What is Penny Wars? Students compete to see who will donate the most pennies. All dollar bills and silver coins (nickles, dimes, and quarters) function as sabotages, counting against a grade. While 8th graders dominated the competition throughout the campaign, in a heart-warming display, 8th graders also helped the younger grades by motivating them and sharing some of their pennies. A Student Council representative from each grade was chosen to carry their collection jars into First Community Bank in Brownsville for the final tally. All together, our students raised almost $400 in change. #collegeandheaven #family #pennywars #givingtuesday #getinthegame 

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