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Graduates Become a Vital Part of Summer Scholars Academy

Graduates of Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) are becoming a vital part of the institution's annual Summer Scholars Program.

One of the 3 main subjects was taught this summer by Angela Smith '11, one of the very first graduates of GRMS who is now a special education teacher working on her Masters degree. She was part of a wonderful team that included two veteran teachers, Estella Lopez and Abelina Montanaro.

Several electives were lead by graduates, as well, including Art with Lili Martinez '05 who was also amongst our 1st graduates and is now a teacher at a local school; Boys Fitness co-instructed in part with Mario Garcia '13 a former high school star athlete; Sign Language with Katia Rios '09; and Physics Day with Jonathan Carballa '09 who will soon be completing his degree in Physics at Saint Mary's University in San Antonio.

In addition, graduates in college served as teacher's aids in main classrooms, and high school volunteers assisted with electives and field trips.

We are so thankful to the graduates who gave us their time this summer at our Summer Scholars Academy. You rock, America Rodriguez ‘16, Andrea Posada ‘13, Cassandra Salas ‘12, Susy Ibarra ‘16, Daniela Sanchez ‘13, Mario Garcia ‘13, Angela Smith ‘05, Lili Martinez ‘05, Katia Rios ‘09, Samantha Smith ‘11, Nahomi Casas ‘17, Angela Paz ‘13, Eliut Motyl ‘15, Juan Ruiz ‘17, Jonathan Carballa '09. 🙌 Did we miss anybody 🙈? #gobobcats #creatingopportunites#transforminglives

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