New York to Brownsville The Growing Impact of Iona College

Dear Friend, Here is what we know - strategic partnerships can increase the impact of any individual or organization. Choosing to concentrate your energy and resources can help avoid the trap of just scratching the surface of an issue like poverty and education. I'm positive that if you ask any non-profit or mission-driven organization like Guadalupe Regional Middle School you will hear that it all helps, because it does. Every donation, no matter how small; every hour of service, even if it is dusting shelves or filing paperwork, takes stress off staff members that stretch every dime and minute. So when others make us a priority, they move their efforts from supporting change to being the change. In truth, we need both. In this newsletter, you will read about one college who is quietly making change in our students' lives from across the country. God be with you, Michael Motyl President

When the Congregation of Christian Brothers, one of 3 religious sponsoring congregations of Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS), gathered at their annual meeting for heads of schools, the topic of missions and mission schools came up. Congregation high schools across the country teaching thousands of students the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice were looking for opportunities to connect their service learning programs to experiential immersion trips.

"Leaders within the congregation pushed us forward," said Michael Motyl, GRMS President. "I was invited to speak to the other school leaders about our school's unique mission, the border, and how they could play a role in what the Christian Brothers were already doing in deep south Texas."