GRMS Names Ms. Amanda Sampayo as Full-Time Graduate Support Program Director

As part of GRMS’s commitment to provide students with support beyond the middle school years, we are excited to announce the addition of Ms. Amanda Sampayo who will serve as the school’s first full-time Graduate Support Program (GSP) Director.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Sampayo,” said Mr. Michael Motyl, GRMS President. “We are confident that she has the passion, skills, and faith to build on the incredible effort of Mrs. Patricia Flota who has served our graduates for years on top of her responsibilities as the school’s religion teacher.”

With initial grant funding by the Raskob Foundation and the Western Foundation and with over 250 graduates, GRMS hopes to fuel momentum for its GSP program under the direction of Ms. Sampayo, with a focus on supporting graduates in high school to college. Marking early success, Ms. Sampayo organized the school’s first College Financial Aid Night for high school juniors and seniors this past school year as a volunteer. The bilingual workshop connected families with a UTRGV representative who answered questions about how to apply for college, the financial aid process, scholarships, and more. With the help of Ms. Sampayo and other volunteers, the GSP launched an effort to connect college-aged alumni with 15 local internships at organizations like the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville, UT School of Public Health, and is currently working to expand opportunities for the coming year.

"GRMS graduates are already working in different industries in our community," said Ms. Sampayo. "Graduate Support will continue to connect graduates with resources to help them find educational and career opportunities."

The GSP offers a range of support in pursuit of two goals for students - college and Heaven. Services include high school placement, college counseling and tours, assistance with the college application and financial aid processes, internship and career shadowing for college students, and help with resumés, interviewing skills, and more.

Native to the town of Carmel, Indiana, Ms. Amanda Sampayo moved to Brownsville, Texas for her senior year of high school and completed her high school education at Saint Joseph Academy. Ms. Sampayo went off to attend St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, and later moved back to Brownsville where she worked in business and banking. Ms. Sampayo began her work with Saint Joseph Academy as the Social Justice Coordinator and Womens’ Studies teacher, moderating the Marist Youth, Green Team, and Project RED, as well as helping students coordinate projects such as ‘One Day Without Shoes,’ ‘Taize Prayer,’ and the ‘Marist Day of Service.’ Ms. Sampayo currently serves the community as a member of the Board of Directors for United Way of Southern Cameron County.

To connect with Ms. Sampayo and the Graduate Support Program, contact her at To learn more about the model of GRMS including our Graduate Support Program, please visit

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Como parte del compromiso que hace GRMS para proveer a sus estudiantes con apoyo más allá de los años en secundaria, estamos muy contentos de anunciar la adición de Ms. Amanda Sampayo que servirá como la primera Directora del Programa de Apoyo al Graduado, o Graduate Support Program (GSP), de tiempo completo.

“Estamos emocionados por darle la Bienvenida a Ms. Sampayo,” dijo Mr. Michael Motyl, Presidente de GRMS. “Estamos seguros que tiene la pasión, habilidad, y fe para continuar construyendo y aprovechando los años de esfuerzo increíble con el que Mrs. Patricia Flota ha servido a nuestros estudiantes además de sus responsabilidades como maestra de religion de la escuela.”

Con la donación inicial por Raskob Foundation y Western Foundation y con mas de 250 graduados, GRMS planea impulsar el programa GSP bajo la dirección de Ms. Sampayo, con un enfoque en apoyar a graduados en la preparatoria a colegio. Marcando un logro temprano, Ms. Sampayo organizó como voluntaria la primer Noche de Ayuda Financiera de Colegio en nuestra escuela para estudiantes de onceavo y doceavo grado. Este taller bilingüe pudo conectar a familias con un representante de UTRGV quien ayudó a responder preguntas acerca de cómo aplicar al colegio, al proceso de ayuda financiera, a becas, y a mucho más. Con la ayuda de Ms. Sampayo y otros voluntarios, GSP ha lanzado un esfuerzo de conectar graduados actualmente en el colegio a 15 posiciones de internos en organizaciones como Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville, UT School of Public Health, y ahora trabaja para ampliar oportunidades para este año que viene.

“Graduados de GRMS actualmente están trabajando en diferentes industrias en nuestra comunidad,” dijo Ms. Sampayo. “Graduate Support continuará conectando a graduados con recursos para ayudarlos a encontrar oportunidades educacionales y en línea con su carrera.”

GSP ofrece una serie de apoyo en busca de dos metas para nuestros estudiantes- el colegio y el Cielo. Los servicios incluyen colocación de preparatoria, consejería de colegio y visitas, asistencia con aplicaciones de colegio y proceso de ayuda financiera, oportunidades de interno para estudiantes de colegio, y ayuda con resumes, destreza en entrevistas, y mucho más.

Natal de la ciudad de Carmel, Indiana, Ms. Amanda Sampayo se mudó a Brownsville, Texas donde completó su doceavo año en la preparatoria en Saint Joseph Academy. Ms. Sampayo estudió en St. Mary’s College en Notre Dame, Indiana, y se mudó de vuelta a Brownsville donde trabajó en empresas y banca. Ms. Sampayo empezó su trabajo con Saint Joseph Academy como la Coordinadora de Justicia Social y maestra de Estudios de la Mujer, moderando el club Marist Youth, Green Team, y Project RED, también ayudando estudiantes a coordinar proyectos como ‘One Day Without Shoes,’ ‘Taize Prayer,’ and the ‘Marist Day of Service.’ Ms. Sampayo actualmente sirve a la comunidad como miembra de la mesa directiva de United Way of Southern Cameron County.

Para conectarse con Ms. Sampayo y el Graduate Support Program, favor de contactarla a Para aprender más sobre el modelo de GRMS, incluyendo nuestro Programa de Apoyo al Graduado (Graduate Support Program), porfavor visite

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