GRMS Grad Wraps at Rutgers Acting Conservatory

GRMS grad Hugo Jaramillo '14 is wrapping up a highly selective, four-week summer acting program at the Rutgers Acting Conservatory at the Mason Gross School of the Arts. The prestigious program accepts only 38 high school students from across the country who are serious about acting. The program provides students with a challenging, inspiring learning environment that allows each student to develop as a young theater artist. Jaramillo first caught the acting bug in middle school at GRMS, performing in the school's musical productions. He further explored the craft as part of the youth program at the Camille Lightner Playhouse where he continues to be part of performances, most recently James

3 Reasons to Thank a Sister Today

Unlike most Catholic schools, Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) is sponsored by 3 different religious congregations - The Marist Brothers of the Schools, The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, and The Sister of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament. The Sisters have been part of the RGV for over 165 years after the first 4 volunteers were recruited from France. They spent a year in Galveston learning to speak English and Spanish before moving to Brownsville. In Brownsville, they lived in an unfurnished warehouse before a small home was built for them. Here are 3 reasons to thank a sister: 1. They opened the very first school in Brownsville. In 1853, they opened the very first school in


Puedes hacerlo // Súper // Me encanta ser tu mamá / papá // Gran trabajo // Gracias // Eres importante // Que buen amigo // Buen trabajo amigo // Sabía que podrías hacerlo // Trabajo impresionante // Eres una estrella // Dime más // Maravilloso // Gran imaginación // Me haces reír // Eres un gran oyente // Lo lograste // Fantástico // Eres perfecto // Me haces sonreír // Siempre el mejor // Eres valiente // Estoy orgulloso de ti // Que imaginación // Asombroso // Eres tan listo // Bien por ti // Bien pensado // Excelente // Eres súper divertido // Bravo // Estupendo // Eso es increíble // Buena elección // Eres maravilloso // Tu importas // Woo hoo // Me haces tan feliz // Muy creativo // Il

Los uniformes escolares

School uniforms are available to be purchased during school office hours: Mon. - Thurs., 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Polo Shirts $12.00 | P. E. uniform $15.00 Los uniformes escolares están disponibles para ser comprados durante las horas de oficina de la escuela, lunes - Jueves. 9:00 am a 1:00 pm. Polo $ 12.00 | uniforme de educación física $ 15.00

La fotografía de graduación

8th grade graduation pictures may be picked up during school office hours: Mon. - Thur., 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. La fotografía de graduación de octavo grado puede ser recogida durante las horas de oficina, lunes - jueves de. 9:00 am a 1:00 pm.

The 3 Hidden Messages in an ACE Teacher Staying a Third Year

OUR STUDENTS AND COMMUNITY HAVE WON (HER/HIM OVER). And why wouldn't we? Our students are resilient and surprise us every day. Our community is vibrant and like none other. Yet, in our schools, we must remind students that they have value and a voice that can change anything, everything. "I fell in love with my students, the school, and the mission," said Alexa Aragon, ACEgraduate who is staying a third year at GRMSin 2017-2018. "I want to be there to see the 6th grade class I started with graduate." "Not all ACEers can stay, even if they want to," said Michael Motyl, GRMS President and ACE + ACE Leadership graduate." Some schools can not accommodate an ACEer who wants to stay because of res


GRMS is part of the NativityMiguel Coalition of Schools, all working to break the cycle of poverty for our students through the transformative power of Catholic education. Read more from our Coalition leadership about why our schools are so important to the landscape of Catholic education. WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR "If our NativityMiguel education has accomplished what it was supposed to, our graduates in their personal lives and professional work will be the mind, voice and spirit of progress in all of our communities and will be at the forefront of the next generation leading the way forward."

Why GRMS Still Writes Letters, and the 3 Surprising Reasons You Should Open Them

Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) is mailing its annual school-wide Report Card to stakeholders this week, the last of several mailings from this past school year detailing the impact of the mission on students. "We know most of our supporters have never sent a child to our school, that's the nature of our mission," said Michael Motyl, GRMS President. "Communicating the impact of their gift is high priority for us. The same way they have taken the time for us, we want to take time for them." So what does mail at GRMS look like? 1. IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR. We never pay outside businesses to print labels, write letters, or stuff envelopes. It's all done in- house with volunteers, parents, a

Joan Crawford McNeil

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Mrs. Joan Crawford McNeil has passed away. She was a treasured friend to GRMS, serving on the Board of Directors and its committees, all to advance the mission of our school. She was a presence on campus, judging student competitions and sharing wisdom. She will be missed. Our prayers are with her family and the lives she enriched through her community work.

How Camp Marist is Changing the Lives of GRMS Students, And Why Your Child Should Go, Too

Since Guadalupe Regional Middle School's (GRMS) opening 15 years ago, Camp Marist on Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire has been awarding 10 full scholarships to the school for students of low-income families. "For some students it is a life-changing experience," said Michael Motyl, GRMS President, "At its most profound, it can open a child's eyes to how great and big and accessible the world is. More than a few set a goal of coming back to Boston or the Northeast or somewhere just as different for college. At its most basic, it teaches independence and grit. We know, positively, these are crucial lessons for students to break the cycle of poverty." "Yes, there is definitely some crying at first,

Amazon Prime Day is Coming. Make Your Shopping Count!

Amazon's third-annual Prime Day is on Tuesday, July 11 and will feature more than 100,000 deals exclusively for Prime members, making it one of the biggest shopping days of the year. When you #StartWithaSmile on #PrimeDay, Amazon donates to Guadalupe Regional Middle School. Shop for great deals at

Annual Report Card: 9 Points to Understanding Our Impact

The Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) annual school-wide Report Card is about to hit mailboxes. Our stakeholders are Creating Opportunities, Transforming Lives. Here is what you need to know to interpret the data: 100% of the GRMS Class of 2013 graduated high school on time this year. That is well above the national average for Latinos. 100% of GRMS Class of 2013 was accepted into college. Our signature Graduate Support Program (GSP) helps place promoted 8th graders into best-fit high schools. Then, tracks them to provide support to and through college. There is only 1 Catholic high school in Brownsville. GRMS has 5 rising freshmen who will attend this fall. 1 annual Iona College schol

Here is Why GRMS is Having the Best Summer Ever

100% of GRMS graduates from our middle school class of 2013 graduated high school on time! That's well above the national average for Latino students. Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) and the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville (HACB) partnered up to serve 75 students at our 3rd annual Summer Scholars Academy. That makes it our largest Summer Scholars group ever, helping to prevent summer learning loss and close the achievement gap for kids. Ten GRMS students received full scholarships to attend Camp Marist at Ossipee Lake in New Hampshire, a two-week adventure camp. That marks a 15-year partnership with Camp Marist. Graduates often cite the experience as contributing to why

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