The 3 Hidden Messages in an ACE Teacher Staying a Third Year

  1. OUR STUDENTS AND COMMUNITY HAVE WON (HER/HIM OVER). And why wouldn't we? Our students are resilient and surprise us every day. Our community is vibrant and like none other. Yet, in our schools, we must remind students that they have value and a voice that can change anything, everything.

"I fell in love with my students, the school, and the mission," said Alexa Aragon, ACEgraduate who is staying a third year at GRMSin 2017-2018. "I want to be there to see the 6th grade class I started with graduate."

"Not all ACEers can stay, even if they want to," said Michael Motyl, GRMS President and ACE + ACE Leadership graduate." Some schools can not accommodate an ACEer who wants to stay because of resources or timing. But when it does work out, everyone is usually motivated by all the right reasons."

2. THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE. Most of our ACE teachers who stay a third year or stay connected to the school by becoming loyal donors, do so because they know they can have a significant impact. ACE school sites and/or their cities are traditionally under-resourced. ACE teachers and graduates can provide an outside perspective and experience for smaller communities where students and their families have fewer opportunities to leave the area.