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Grad Lands 3rd Internship Through GRMS Graduate Support Program

Ivette Villarreal '11 is studying speech therapy at the University of Texas in Austin, but comes home to Brownsville in the summers to be with her family. Through our Graduate Support Program (GSP) at Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) Villarreal wrapped up her third summer internship in her hometown - one with the Moody Clinic and two with the UT School of Public Health.

"Ivette's experience with the Moody Clinic was especially eye opening," said Michael Motyl, GRMS President. "She seemed to be truly affected by the progress of the children she observed."

Internships at the UT School of Public Health are quality opportunities that offer students hands-on, independent work in the medical and health fields. Villarreal earned two of the 22 internships GRMS has connected grads with since hiring a full-time GSP Director, Ms. Amanda Sampayo, last summer.

"Our motto is about creating opportunities that transform lives," said Motyl. "It's the benefit of coming to a small school that cares about each individual graduate. We're closing the opportunity gap for students by finding and connecting grads with valuable, career-related opportunities."

GRMS makes an 11-year commitment to its students, offering support beyond the middle school years through a signature Graduate Support Program that is the hallmark of NativityMiguel Coalition schools.

The GSP offers a range of support in pursuit of two goals for students - college and Heaven. Services include high school placement, college counseling and tours, assistance with the college application and financial aid processes, internship and career shadowing for college students, and help with resumés, interviewing skills, and more.

"GRMS graduates are already working in different industries in our community," said Ms. Sampayo. "Graduate Support will continue to connect graduates with resources to help them find educational and career opportunities."

"The key for graduates is to stay connected," said Motyl. "We encourage them to visit us when they can, send us updates to let us know what they are doing or what they are struggling with. The more we know, the more we can help."

"This is what we mean when we tell our donors that their gift transforms lives," said Motyl. "Your gift goes further with us. We have fewer students by design, so that your gift reaches a child in this very real way."

To connect with Ms. Sampayo and the Graduate Support Program, contact her at If you have an internship opportunity that you would like to extend to a GRMS graduate, please contact Ms. Sampayo. To learn more about the model of GRMS including our Graduate Support Program, please visit

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