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Mom of President to Cook Authentic Italian Lasagna for GRMS Families for Third Year

This is the third consecutive year that JoAnn Motyl, mother of GRMS President Michael Motyl, will fly to Brownsville from her hometown in Connecticut to cook lasagna from scratch for 70+ families to welcome them back for the new school year.

"At GRMS, the word that comes up most often is family," said Mr. Motyl. "So, I want to share a little of my loving Italian family with GRMS."

Friday, September 1st is Guadalupe Regional Middle School's Back to School Night where families meet teachers and hear about plans for the rest of the school year. The event culminates in an evening of fellowship in the Parish Hall of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Families hear the last of the school's announcements, eat, then spend informal time with teachers and other families.

Graduates and parent volunteers help create decorations and set up for the dinner. Friends of the school volunteer their time to help JoAnn Motyl in the commercial kitchen of Saint Joseph Academy.

"It takes a full day of cooking," said Michael Motyl. "It helps to have good friends to make things fun and to help keep a watchful eye on the food. Last year, she made pepperoni bread and meatballs for the volunteers to sample and snack on while they waited for everything else to finish. That's straight out of my childhood - good food, good friends, and of course, family!"


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